POEMATIC 01.07.15 The Single Lady

My second poem. I finished while I'm on sick leave today. I am so happy to finish this fast... inspirations keep flowing - I'm thankful for all the books I'm reading lately plus the encouragements from unexpected people who I look up to: they told me to keep writing, and someday I might publish my own book, if I want to. Oooh, I'm so excited for 2015! Anyway, here it goes:

Your perfect hair so shiny and black as night
Your eyes both sparkly as the moon passes by
You voice is soft when you utter your dreams
Your cheeks are pink like a sweet treat

You’re a perfect girl according to what we see
But we don’t know what your mind could scream
Yet you give a smile as if your hope is rocket-high
No troubles, no sadness, no fears in life

You’re a fearless girl like a warrior princess
Your sincere heart is what I’d love to have
So pure yet so crowded of your kindness
Your love for the Unseen shines through your empathy

I'll share about the books I'm currently reading next time. One of them is Grace Gaston-Dousel's True Love Weds and the first two chapters inspired me to write this poem. Thinking about the single lady who does not rush for the things of this world but mindful of others and His King. This year, I'm praying to have a heart so pure and intimate with the Lord God. My heart was filled with garbage before but He removed them all. Of course, I'll be making mistakes here and then again and again but this time, I know His grace is sufficient for me and I can always run to Him for comfort and cleansing. I am not perfect at all but God made me fearfully and wonderfully (Psalm 139).

I hope you'll take a second glace of yourself - in a way the Lord calls you according to what He sees. You are never ugly, never too poor, never too lonely and never a loser in life. Add hashtag here, note to myself ;)

♥ bettercurly