Hillsong Worship No Other Name Asia Tour [Manila]

Manila: first stop in the No Other Name (but Jesus) Asia Tour of Hillsong Worship.
April 10, 2015 was an awesome night at the MOA Arena with Hillsong’s church band indeed

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What do I love about tonight’s event?

1.       The title. Using No Other Name (same name of their album) as title was so great to proclaim that the sovereignty of Jesus is limitless and ultimately unbreakable.

2.       The band. It’s been so many years since Darlene Zschech came to Manila while Hillsong United had been in the country for several times but most of the members of Hillsong Worship were first timer to visit us and hold a concert here. I believe they had so much fun and blessed as we were. Though some were disappointed not to see Joel, Taya, Matt, Jad and others. Hello!!! They belong to the United band! Maybe next year they’ll be here for Empires tour perhaps ;) Let’s hope! If I'm not mistaken, Hillsong Worship is the church's band, formerly known as Hillsong Live while United emerged as the youth band same as Young & Free. But since the groups are all from Hillsong, they share people, skills and talents somehow to be able to release amazing songs and awesome worship events to God's glory (e.g. Jonathon being with us tonight).
A major plus was the members did not mention their names and I believe they showed humility by their church’s culture. For we do not worship this group and we come to gather under one goal - to lift up the name of Jesus!

3.       The lights. Superb lighting designs. I’m still speechless. I'd really love to learn and try the art of lighting!

that magical light!
4.     The song line-up. The slow songs fill up most of the set list and the crowd were all glorifying the name of the Lord with a heart of praise. Anyway, for some time I imagined myself singing in heaven along with many people though I have some observations but I’d just like to keep it to myself this time.

5.       The free ticket! Yey! I actually failed to purchase a ticket for this event last February. I thought I’d be able to secure a good seat but no! Filipinos were too overwhelmed about their coming that the tickets were sold out in a couple of weeks and I lost hope. But the Lord knew the desire of my heart and my prayers... I tried to enter at least three online contests for ticket giveaways but did not win any hehe. And just a day before April 10, I received a private message from the Positively Pinoy (supporting the Edge Philippines 24/7) and told me that they’re giving me a gift, a free ticket for the event! I almost cried, I felt so much appreciated by just tuning in to their station most of the days of the week. Thank You Lord for this blessing! Thank You the Edge, +PP! Request more of Christian Music, checkout their massive list here.

And for my blogging tradition, I'm posting tonight's set list.

1. No Other Name
2. Mighty to Save
3. Hosanna 
4. Christ is Enough 
5. The Stand (Y+F ver.)
6. Oceans (Radio ver.)
7. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
8. This I Believe (The Creed)
9. God is able 
10. From the Inside Out
11. O Praise The Name (Anástasis) - an Easter single and you may visit Hillsong.com/Worship for free download!
12. Stronger
13. Forever reign
14. Cornerstone

And then the party started with these three tracks. 
15. Relentless (Y+F ver.)
16. Alive (Y+F ver.)
17. Wake (Y+F ver.)

Lastly, two very very old songs but very very fun to dance to as per JD
18. One Way (Filipinos' ultimate favorite worship anthem)
19. Take it all

I also made the No Other Name [Manila] playlist through Grooveshark here but O Praise the Name was still unavailable to add. Enjoy reliving the moment!

As believers of Christ, we should always carry our heart of worship no matter where we are and if there's great band playing, songs that can make us emotional or light effects that are just so incredible to watch. I pray that the Lord's love will continue to manifest in our lives and we'll worship Him in spirit and in truth. May all our idols be cast out in Jesus' Name!

Tonight, I finally met my Christian blogger friend, Marc Daniel of Servant's Quill, in person and so was his friend Richard :) 

God bless!