2 of 31: That Dot

One thing about me that I'm delighted to share with you dear readers is how I always feel joyful whenever I see the first shining star every sundown. Is it Venus? You know as much as I'm always falling in love with beautiful sunsets is also how my heart happily skips a beat to see a star as a tiny dot on an indigo sky. It's like waiting for your crush to come around and give you a bright smile... sweet moment indeed!

Sometimes a small dot can make or break anything. We can either frown if there is a black dot on a flawless paper with your art on it or grin because we can always create a new idea or maybe just ignore that tiny thing and let the dot stay as a memory of imperfection. Just like a wall that is newly built but someone had noticed that there's a small hole somewhere, not knowing that the small hole can actually bring a person peeking through it to discover such beautiful paradise, an inner spontaneous escape it could be. Maybe there is a man from the outside who is now finally able to gain new friends from the other side, aspiring community growth perhaps.

And that small dot is like the .01 which was an extra in my general average way back in college that caused me not to graduate as cum laude, totally heartbreaking. I thought that these little digits were stealing an exciting future from me. I knew I worked harder but I failed to reach the required grade. I felt worse and worse as days passed by and scratched my confidence until bitterness poisoned my young heart. I looked down in myself a lot and this became a (old) habit in fact. But thanks to God for His wonderful grace that I'm still breathing and writing up to this moment. He pulled me up while I was drowning in my own darkness. His promises that were made known to me and my people's kind words slowly comforted me and removed the hatred to myself. My ambitious self saw a small light at the end of the tunnel at last. I became free.

Even a drop of clean water is very important to the people in Africa. We know that they seldom drink water because of unavailability and they treasure much whatever they have now. It’s a small drop yet it extends one’s life. That small dot of any feeling can always grow inside of us. So let’s be careful to take care of our own emotions. Make sure not to raise daughters of anger, hate, envy and pride for this will result to an unhealthy you.

A phone call made in a tiny second before a deadline to save someone’s death at hand is a miracle granted. And to share even the smallest time to somebody who needs us is as precious as waiting for their own wishing star. We live a short life but we can live it fully and faithfully. Our days in this world are just a small dot to our Creator’s timeline.

That dot, we should not just ignore it because it might be the only thing we need right now, as significant as what we are looking for so long and seen as big by others.

That dot. I am a dot. You are a dot. And we are not too small to get noticed... just like the first shining star every sundown.

What I wrote above, consists of 583 words, is part of My 500 Words Daily Writing Challenge by Jeff Goins. And yehey, I'm on my second day... 29 more to go!