My Idea of a Wonderful Coffee/Tea Time as a Reader

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Hence, a wonderful coffee/tea time would be a chat these three wonderful fictional characters: the Prince (Le Petit Prince), Liesel Meminger (Book Thief) and Lucy Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia). Surely, I’d be thrilled to have a moment with these awesome individuals. Perhaps I’d take a group picture with them or draw them a portrait.

All of them were little children in their own stories but they had thought maturely. Their beautiful minds always wandered and they pursued their dreams and passion. They knew who and what matter the most in their lives. They didn’t just let the passing time passed; they made life happen through their curiosity and explorations. They gave remarkable impact and inspiration not just with their co-characters but with every reader of the novels.

That’s why I’d like to talk to them about the youths of today.

To make an observation how the young people live and think at the moment.

I’d like to know how they’d compare their lives from today’s generation.

I’d love to know their favorite part and adventure of their stories and who/what inspired them the most.

Of course I was young once too and made ridiculous decisions. I even hurt my loved ones with my stubbornness. But as I grow older, realizations and chances to make my life better keep on coming. I’m glad that I continuously discover how to make good plans and improve myself. I always have this curious mind. I like to try and learn so many things. But I became very careful as I aged. I am mostly afraid to take risks and I worry much in a day. But the little Prince, Liesel and Lucy were all courageous enough to live in the moment.

I'd like to have a coffee/tea with the Little Prince, the Book Thief and Queen Lucy the Valiant.

The little prince went away from his small planet to explore the other worlds until he came to earth. He even captivated the heart of the pilot through his innocent and sensitive heart, curious mind and shared adventures. He asked good questions and loved the sunset so much, same as I do. Plus, he’s very loyal.

While Liesel did not let the law of reading books stopped her from learning and pursuing her passion. She was determined to learn how to read. Then she wrote down her stories and adventures as well that gave hope to Max Vandenburg to continue fighting for his life. Stealing someone’s books is another story and is not correct although she actually preferred to be called a borrower.

And finally Lucy, the youngest of the Pevensie silblings and the first to discover Narnia, she conquered the possibilities of so many things for being courageous and adventurous. Her heart was so pure and always faithful. She always had faith in Aslan, in Narnia and mankind.

These three fascinate me the most. I hope to see more young minds being used to make this world a better place, pure hearts to care for others, and the free-spirit to stretch the limits of possibilities. I always have the hope for the youths and I’d love them to know about the Prince, Liesel Meminger and Lucy Pevensie and also their beautiful stories. May the future readers gain wisdom from these characters and re-discover their passions and opportunities to make powerful changes.

As C.S. Lewis once said, "We read to know that we’re not alone".

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This post is my answer to OMF Literature’s question: If you could have coffee/tea with three fictional characters, who would you choose and what would you talk about? (It doesn't have to be characters from Narnia, it could be any from all the books that you've read.)
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