POEMATIC 09.05.15 But Maybe

Just some random thoughts.... or maybe not ;D Anyway, here it goes!

I've heard of your dreams and plans
Well I can see stars twinkle in your eyes

Do you know how wonderful you are,
Oh you and your beautiful mind?
I might tell you why... sooner or later

But maybe not

I’d love to ask you to please be patient with me
Because I’m struggling to give my heart out
But I really want to reach out your hand

For I know everything is going to be okay
I just don’t trust myself well in this case
I fear to find misery instead of happiness

Perhaps this is too much for me to handle

Maybe I'm right

Am I really thinking about this puzzle at the moment?
Or is it just my heart is longing for a new dream?

I know what my purpose is - I need to dig it out
Or maybe I do not have to

When it's already in front of me

Just maybe I do...

Oh well, enough of maybe's. I just felt I had to write these words fast so I can go back to sleep again.
After all, Wonderwall keeps on playing in my mind. Hehe! A sure effect of playing it in my ukulele yesterday for the first time ;)

I declare that I’m going to have a great day today! Yey, weekend love! Good mornight! 
Hello prayer mountain!

Original photo source: sad girl, bookstore