3 Inspirational Books That Had Great Impact In My Life

Books, books, and books: these make me happy.
Ever since I was little, I enjoyed reading. I came from a family who loves to read especially my dear father.

Well in few days, I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday… 30??? Yes! I’ll be three-decade old this February :D Decades of God’s blessings and faithfulness. Years of turned pages. Thousand days of trip to the bookstores and libraries.

So starting today and in the next posts are my lists of three books under categories. These selected books had been a part of my life and most I still re-read from time to time :)

Thanks God for the good books that help me and mold my characters through the years. Hope you’ll check these out in the nearest bookstores near you, I promise, these beautiful works are awesome and inspiring!

Three Inspirational Books that Had Great Impact in my Life

1.    When a Good God Allows Rape by Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza

~ I remember myself questioning God about His goodness and purpose by seeing victims of evil works every day. But my deeper learning about Ms Joy's life gave me a change of heart and brought me compassion for all. I will never be able to fathom God's mind but I can choose to be still and trust in Him. I'm also happy that I had a short talk with Ms Joy in person during the OMF Literature book launch last September 2015. Truly, Ms Joy is beautiful inside and out. I commend her courage to share her testimony to glorify the Lord!

2.    Who Would Have Thought? by Acel Bisa-van Ommen

~ A pretty new book from CSM yet Ms Acel's heart after God's own heart spoke so much to me. I can relate with most of her stories especially on finding her identity in Christ and helping children in need. Since I've read her book, I'm claiming and counting my own "pambihirang pagkakataon" with the Lover of my soul. I decided to let God and go on an adventure! And as a bonus, her songs that were mentioned in this book are also available for free download :)

3.    Expect a Move of God in Your Life...Suddenly! by Joyce Meyer

~ A thin book with a huge impact on my faith life. This book helped me see God's impossible works made possible! I remembered going through prayer and fasting for days after I finished this book and since then, I encountered my breakthroughs. I continue to live a life expecting God's mighty works suddenly not just in my life but also to everyone He leads me to.

Happy Reading! Be inspired by good books :)

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Love, MM