Memory Gap

"I'm sorry, you know, may memory gap na ang Lola mo."

This has always been my excuse whenever I failed to remember something and worst -- if it affected a certain person or project somehow.

And sadly, I forget about God's grace and miracles many times too. I become like the Israelites who murmured against His glory and who He is in the wilderness. [Read Numbers 14It's because I put my focus more on my circumstances and my personal issues than what His Word says and what He already did for me. Most importantly, who God is over all creations.

"No matter how bad our past, it’s always easier to default to our old behaviors than keep forging new ones. So many of us struggle with the same temptations. But there is no drive-through breakthrough. We all must go through the wilderness to get to freedom so we are strong enough to defeat the giants who fuel our shame." Christine Caine said in her devotional piece 'Unashamed' at Youversion.

I believe that it's by God's grace why He allowed me to experience painful highlights in my life while my faith was being increased. Once I became grumpy and ugly. I chose to live in the past and my regrets for so long. My bones became dry and my heart became hard. But beyond all these darkness in me - His light is brighter; my hurts over His unfailing love; and my worries over His great purposes.

"What would happen if you stopped asking, “God, WHY am I going through this?” and started asking, “God, WHAT are you preparing me for?”" questioned Steven Furtick, the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church in US.

I thank the Holy Spirit for He is leading me to walk uprightly and follow God's will. Today, I'm full of hope and love because I'm on the right track - His race track. 14 years ago, I was really lost but found by a loving Father. And since that day, my life had never been the same.

Thankfully, I'm a work in progress. I've learned a lot and still learning more through His beautiful Word. He is my life. I don't know where I'll be without God. Lest I forget that in Him, there's victory and assurance that He is in control -- I'm in good hands no matter what. 

So you too, be encouraged. God is sovereign. Remember that He loves you and He cares about you. It's just there is really no drive-through breakthroughs; that's why we must persevere and trust Him with our all. :D

A blessed day!

Love, MM  

*cute girl photo credit: Anne Price Photography
*road orig photo credit: American Small Business Institute