Hej! The Weather Is Good


One of the main and necessary topic or ingredient in a typical Swedish conversation.

Local:  Hej! (Hi.)
Visitor: Hej!
Local:  Hur mår du? (Then he/she will notice you're not from Sweden and then will speak in English) How are you?
Visitor:  Good. Thank you. How are you?
Local:  Good! Uh… It's a good day. It's really hot.
Or not…
Local:  Uh.. Just okay (doing hand flips). The weather today is not good.

It's summer season in Sweden and most people are always outside to catch the heat of the sun. But summer here is kind of unpredictable since some days are cloudy or with clear blue sky then windy with little rain; and some are just cold grey days.

Just like when we spent some days in the summer house of a loving and warm Swedish family where the weather was changing every day. But the view outside their cozy home is just serene and green. It looks like a painting of a nature landscape in countryside. They said that nothing much changed through the years and it's still as peaceful and beautiful as before.

Here in this place you'll see God's awesome creations and appreciate a moment without the city noise and lack of internet connection. I'm using a Swedish prepaid sim but it's pricey to spend it for mobile surfing but glad that my sister had internet connection on her phone so I can check my mails in an instant.

The other day, it was really cold and I can't go out so much but my sister said that August in Sweden is so much like this: cold weather and gray skies.

But luckily, I captured a stunning twilight sky. Do you see the full moon?

I think I've also taken a photo of a comet or maybe a fireball? I was searching in the internet if a comet passed our atmosphere this week but I couldn’t find anything about it. But I’m a little sure that it's not a jet or plane. Anyway, here it is.

And since summer is ending soon, my sister brought me in to the woods to pick blueberries. I'm not outdoorsy but I really tried to help her picking hehe! She's really happy doing this and if I were not insisting to go - she'll probably spend the rest of the afternoon in the forest until her pail was full of berries. That morning, my sister and her family also went berry-picking.

And when we had a clear blue sky one day - we went swimming in the lake at Fonebo, Gävleborgs län and guess what? The water was supeeeeeer cooold! 10-12 degrees Celsius maybe. It was just like trying the ice bucket challenge!

Then we also drove to the mountains to eat SIA glass [ice cream], SIA is a Swedish brand, at the Avholmsbergets Restaurang.  From the top is the breathtaking view of the Lake Norra Dellen.

I'm so happy and thankful to whoever invented the camera, the panorama and the video! Bra!
Thank God for this fun and memorable vacation. I already accomplished a lot in my bucket list.

God is good!