Learn Svenska with BetterCurly

In Sweden, residents know how to speak in English but most of their signage are in Svenska/Swedish. Just like the messages flashed in LED signage on the train or bus. I also noticed that most of the restaurant's menus are written in Swedish and I seldom found English translations huhuhu :(

Glad that I have my Google Translate mobile app with me whenever I travel solo. I also downloaded the English-Swedish translation package so I can always access it even without internet connection.

And before going to Sweden, I also tried learning the language through Youtube videos.
See this Swedish guy - Eric Edler's tutorial videos in Youtube; he's charming too ;)
He taught a lot about the language and even what to expect about the weather in Sweden.

Well,  here are my top 7 Swedish words and phrases which I hear a lot and I now use to converse as well. So let's start with...

Hej! - Hello; Hi.
photo: at Historiska Museet
Bra! - Good/Great.photo: at the Gamla Stan
Tack. - Thanks.
Hej då! - Bye.
photo: at the Steninge Slott near Märsta outside of Stockholm
Eller hur? - Right? Their version of our "Di ba?" 

Chilla [slang] - (to) chill; (to) relax 
photo: at the Norra Dellen, Lake, located near Fonebo, Gävleborgs län
And Fika - a Swedish coffee break
photo: at Tant Bruns Kaffestuga (Aunt Brown Coffee Shop) in Sigtuna
Of course, it's also good to learn how to say 'I love you' in Swedish.
Just say, 'Jag älskar dig'   

Anyway, I already know how to count 1-10 in Svenska too, haha! Yes, I'm proud of my skill.

photo from Etsy
Take note that there are three additional letters to a Swedish alphabet: Åå, Ää, and Öö.  I'm still learning how to properly read and speak some words with these vowels.

So… our Swedish mini lesson ends here for now.
Until my next post :)
Hej då!