How to have a Happy and Blessed Birthday: Part 2

I've been so excited to see the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Field, Pampanga since I learned about it last month (see previous blog entry here. I counted the days and so happy to go there on my birthday.

My photography club members and officers at MDPC agreed to join the event to capture special programs but on February 11, I received a text message from our VP regarding the moving of our scheduled trip to Clark from the night of February 11 (Friday) to February 12 (Saturday/my birthday) and would witness the event on February 13 (Sunday) due to flooding in the area. I was disappointed and got really sad, actually until now.

But then thank God for the wisdom. Since tomorrow morning, I’ve experienced several situations wherein I had uncertainties whether I could really make it to meet the assembly time on Friday night. Plus, my things were not yet packed-up and I would have to leave the office at 6PM then go home to get ready. Not much time left for me. Slightly panicked! But for sure, God already put my plans in order and so let His will be done too.

And since I could not make it to attend the last day of the Festival since I should not be absent in our church for we have a special Valentine activity, here are random finds from Etsy shop – hot air balloons!!!

(1) Bridges and Balloons Moleskine by shoofly  (2) Hot Air Balloons Wall Decals by chocovenyl  (3) Hot Air Balloon Pendant Necklace by EclecticBijoux  (4) The Two of Us - 8x8 by elgarboart  (5) Checkered Vintage Hot Air Balloon Hand Stamped Tags Set of 6 by VintageDye  (6) Up, up and away digital print by beeskneesstudio  (7) Around the World, French Balloon 5x7 Art Print by numberninedream  (8) My Beautiful Balloon Necklace by mamaslittlebabies  (9) Float Away With Me - Box by Mmim

Plus, my very own artwork which I made starting 12:01AM of February 12, 2011. And today is my birthday, I am now 25 years old. I thank God for everything I experienced, people I met and loved, things I owned and lost, battles I fought, whether I won or failed and blessings I already thanked for and some I failed to share to others.

lyrics by Kitchie Nadal -- Same Ground

But still, I do not know what to do in the morning. I have some plans in my mind and I will pray for those later. And I might go solo, but it’s okay, especially now that I know how to enjoy!