Summer 2011: Zambales, Part 2

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WEATHER. haha it's already May and we had rainshowers few days ago... it seems that summer will end sooner than expected but I want to go to the beach again! Still have no vacation plans for this month. Good thing I already went to a beach in Candelaria, Zambales and experienced the white sand in Potipot Island! See previous entry: Summer 2011: Zambales

DURATION: It was a long roadtrip from Manila to Zambales. It took 8 hours to reach the beach resort and after 2 nights, it took 7 hours going home. I went with my sister and her friends with their respective family members. I really had a good time with my nieces and nephew. A hot weather on Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday.

We stayed at d'Coastie beach resort and its water is clean yet not so clear due to dark-colored beach sand. I was very happy to witness 2 amazing sunset, stunning colors and a very big Mr. Sun!

small circle, big circle!
mr. big
summer 2011 woohoo
si bentey

WHERE 2: Potipot Island is something to look forward to visit again but as expected, there were many people who visited the island on a Good Friday. The water is really clear and clean but there are some areas where you could not go far because the depth to the sea is uncertain. I learned about this when I dove and as I swam for a very short time, I saw an unexpected deep slope and darker water.

straw hat from Cebu / borrowed snorkel + diving mask 
Splash underwater film camera, PhP150.00: no result yet about the pictures... negative not yet developed

So if you have kids with you, better to stay with them most of the time just to be safe.

potipot island

And since I enjoyed the clear water of Potipot Island, I was able to walk on its shore and tried snorkeling using my officemate-friend's diving mask and snorkel. I was surprised that I was able to swim that moment. All my life, I thought I do not know how to swim or float hahaha but that experience changed everything! And now I want to try it again! Breathing underwater plus swimming could really help me with my asthma and scoliosis. Surely, this would build my lungs stronger and my back aches could be lessened.

Two years ago, my doctor advised me to go swimming thrice a week to minimize my back pains and since I did not know how to swim and it would take so much effort to go to Marikina Sports Center and/or anywhere I could have swimming sessions… I just chose riding a bicycle instead. Before Ondoy tragedy in 2009, I managed to go bicycling for at least thrice to five times a week. But after the great typhoon’s destruction, I seldom use my bicycle now.

Anyway, it’s very hot now here in Manila. Waaa I really want to go to the beach huhuhuhuh I want to attempt swimming again!