Curly Listening 10.27.11 I'm Running the Race

With these difficult times,
I thought I caught a glimpse of resting place
But with my Bestfriend walking with me along this strange road
I will fear no evil.
Here I pray, I lay all my troubles;
Let all my worries be washed away
by the ocean that is never filled
And the wonders of His love to strengthen me
Your Name is greater than everything
And so I will fear no evil.
[words by Madz Madaje]

I already knew that we have to be careful to whatever music we listen to. And today, my spirit is longing for some comfort and I only God could satisfy me. But few hours ago, I just texted my friends I am sure would join me in prayer: asking God to give me and my family more strength. And here are some songs and excerpts from Hillsong band which Brooke Ligertwood (aka Brooke Fraser) also led the worship.

*Click on the song titles to go to Youtube video.
* Images are owned by Madz Madaje except the second one photographed by Miqo Dionisio