1 of 31: To Keep Writing

The challenge: 500 words a day… alright! Let’s get started!

The Word warns to be careful of what we think about because our thoughts run our lives.1 Hence, I should keep in mind that whatever I write and post online should not just to raise the number of visitors of my blog but to make a change in someone’s life, my reader, even with my short random ideas. To practice being a responsible writer is actually tough and so writing with a purpose too. That’s why my character, my habits, my interests and my goals in life should also be aligned to what I want to share to the world.

And so I took this 500 words for 31 days challenge by author Jeff Goins.2 I’m always inspired not just by his articles on writing but also on self-improvement. I believe that the deepest meaning of your writings that the readers understand is what you also have in the innermost of your being. I learned about him some time ago through Tyler Ward of Noisetraide Books while Kuya Mighty Rasing, the author of May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic (checkout my book review here), also recommended Goins, in our recent writing workshop, for inspiration and reference.

Writing is a lifestyle, passion, hobby, habit, commitment, breather and a friend to some people.

I remember I started BetterCurly as a very personal blog to develop a habit of posting something for 21 days initially. My goal then was to release my strangling thoughts from my crowded mind through typing words and putting photos. This helped me become and feel better through the journey: it was a strong commitment to myself. From then on, I continued writing because I enjoyed it and post some photos with until some reader from everywhere sent me some encouraging messages and page visits became more often.  I also gained friends through blogging and I’m really thankful for that. I also treasure my blog posts about my spiritual journey because like my journal – I can always go back to what God had done for me and hold on to His promises.

But even before I created this blog, writing was already close to my heart as much as I love drawing. I wrote essays, stories, and poems since I was little; maybe because I also love to read variety of books, comics and newspapers. I travel with my ideas. I daydream a lot. I doodle most of the time. I always take down notes. And feel happy writing and reading love letters.

It’s also amazing that people never stop writing. More and more books are published every day and I dream to write my own book some day. Last December, one of the Pastors I look up to who is also a Professor was so glad to know that I blog and he asked me what I usually write about and before he ended the conversation – he told me that he believes that it’s very possible that I’ll get to publish my own book so I should continue what I’m doing. I will never forget that overwhelming moment.

And so here I am again, taking up a challenge and hoping I’ll be successful again in developing another writing habit. As Ma’am Grace D. Chong once wrote, “keep writing till it hurts to stop”.3

“Keep writing till it hurts to stop."

Okay, tomorrow’s another day and another blog post! Maybe you're also interested to pursue writing - My 500 Words challenge can also be helpful to motivate you so let's go, let's try and let's write.

Proverbs 4:23 NCV