How to have a Happy and Blessed Birthday: Part 4

It’s been almost a week since my birthday happened and here are some photos and stories of how I survived that weekend.

As you’ve heard, our scheduled Hot Air Balloon visit in Clark was cancelled and I ran out of “lakad” to attend to for I already informed my friends and family that I won’t be available on my birthday.

From Friday night until Saturday lunch time, I was struggling of what to do and where to go. I called my little niece who is 7 years old to join me go somewhere, I was thinking of Museong Pambata, National Museum or just watch a cartoon movie with her. But then she told me that she could not for she already agreed to go to church with her mom. And so I really got disappointed and again, I was in the middle of nowhere though I was done taking a bath and flat iron pressing my hair. Hence the result of boredom, I took some photos of myself, see How to have a Happy and Blessed Birthday: Part 3.
Considering my boredom, disappointment and frustration, I was also pressured of a friend’s advice regarding positive-assertive on what could happen after lunch.

Define POSITIVE --- confident in opinion or assertion; fully assured

Define ASSERTIVE --- confident and direct in claiming one's rights or putting forward one's views

Hence, POSITIVELY ASSERTIVE is to be sure about your disposition but/and still hopeful.

Hmmm I am now not sure how to define it but one thing is for sure, I got pressured to think positive things and I managed to leave my room, our house. I was still unsure where to go, I just took a jeepney going to Cubao and I was considering of going to Manila to visit Museong Pambata or the National Museum but it’s already 3:30PM, I probably would arrived there late since it’s also traffic. And then somewhere in Cubao, the jeepney was not moving in traffic anymore. I got off the jeepney and went straight to Cubao Expo... the first and last time I went there was last August 2010, see my entry: Manila Sound Vision. That Saturday afternoon, I visited some stores until I saw interesting shoe designs at Mark R store. I saw from their window display interesting shoes designs like a heeled patent brogue and colorblock boat shoes for ladies. I purchased a pair of boat shoes for PhP 1,500 – discounted price from PhP 2,300. I love the good combination of colors and materials used plus Mark R shoes were made in Marikina.

And then I went to Ali Mall and I decided to eat at Pizza Hut. I was not able to eat breakfast and lunch that day and so I was really starving. I ordered their 3-Cheese Ravioli and a Caesar Salad. I got busy doodling and writing stuffs in my planner while waiting for my food. I tried thinking of happy thoughts and blessings. I managed to be optimistic and cheerful that moment. And before I finished my food, I asked a waitress confidently if they have something to offer to a birthday celebrant and she said, they have ice cream and I told her, “It’s my birthday today”! She was surprised and smiled at me. Hahaha that was the first time in my life that I asked for a birthday treat from someone, hilarious! She asked for my name and later, she returned with a special ice cream. I got so happy! All the staffs were smiling at me, I am sure of mixed up thoughts running through their minds. I finished the ice cream, paid my bill, gave a tip and left Pizza Hut with a grin.

After that, I went to SM Cubao, looking for some dresses and tried some. I was feeling better. Then I checked my clock, it’s already 6PM and my mother just texted me to go to church to get the key from our Pastora/my Ate. As I went out of the mall, I saw a beautiful dusk and took some photos again! I thanked God for that beautiful sky; my day was blessed despite of unwanted things that happened.

As I was on my way to church, my mother texted me of what flavor of cake I loved to have for father would buy one at Red Ribbon, I just told her that I want a cheese or in mango flavor. Since I was a kid, I was always requesting for a chocolate cake or Black Forest.

I went to church and my Ate already left, but I got the key from another member. I went home and I my parents also bought palabok other than the cake. My parents sang a happy birthday song to me and prayed for me.

I went online again to thank everyone who greeted me at Facebook and I felt happy, satisfied. That’s how I spent my birthday that day.

And on Sunday, my little niece gave me a gift -- a big paper flower. My Ate showed me a video of my niece creating an art piece for me and I was really touched. She’s really sweet and thoughtful. She said in the video that she was not able to accompany me since she’s preparing the gift, she’s busy hahaha.

And on Wedneday, I got the newest addition to my giraffe collection--the black and white flexi-wooden giraffe. And now they are a trio. My three musketeers. And they are all placed on top of my CPU at the office!

Thank God I am now 25. Thank you for everyone who remembered my birthday! Thank you all who I became friends with and became a part of me. I am better now because of you shiny happy people and good Lord. May we spend more years and be positively assertive!